Brionne Davis

Teacher, Actor, Director, Speaker

As a working actor I have come face to face with the struggles, rejection, and incredible thrills of the industry. My philosophy is that if you have a true respect for your craft, knowledge and passion for the “greats”, and a growing love and confidence in your own power then you will succeed. I teach the study of the human condition and that begins with the actor’s own journey as a human. I always say that inside each one of us is all of us, therefor we must know ourselves, embrace ourselves while using compassion to embrace the condition of humanity so that we can then interpret that condition with truth. I want to empower the actor in a  holistic fashion… then … they can create powerful, brave, and layered characters.

Bob Lambert

Teacher, Associate Casting Director

Daytime Dramas, (Soaps) are unlike any other forms of television because we produce 260 episodes a year. Actors have to be ready for the fast pace the shows are produced. It can be scary walking on a soap set if you don’t know what to expect. I love introducing and preparing actors for this world. I try to cover everything from the first on camera audition, to getting the role and then giving you the tools and information you need to get through that fast paced day. I love soaps and hope to inspire you to love them too.

Chris Game

Teacher, Actor, Commercial Casting Director

My favorite thing about teaching is I like bringing things to the students that they don’t know already, including how to use the camera to benefit them, in conjunction with the technique that they already have. Very few casting directors I’ve ever met have run their own cameras, and for the first 8 years in the business, I ran my own camera and it teaches you things that you’ll never learn in another acting class. I was born to do three things in my life: parent, teach, and cook – everything else is just a hobby. Teaching is something I was born to do, just just something I stumbled into.

Troy Metcalf

Teacher, Actor

Anthony Campanella

Teacher, Energy Coach


Don Phillip Smith

Teacher, Writer, Producer

Teaching my on-camera acting class is truly the highlight of my week each and every Tuesday. I am so personally and professionally invested in the growth, talent, and success of each and every one of my acting students. It is so creatively fulfilling to me to experience my actors conquering the scripted challenges I present and hitting strides with performances beyond even their own expectations.